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Independence Farm has been breeding, raising and training FPS/FHANA registered Friesian horses since 1988. Our first Friesian was the gelding Frits, imported from Holland. Frits was such a delightful horse, we soon purchased a young mare, Lydeke. Lydeke gave us 10 beautiful foals and her daughter Shadow gave us 3 more. Then we purchased a mare named Vogue and later 2 geldings, Victor and Steijn.

As the years march by, we have thoroughly enjoyed our partnership with these wonderful horses. We can vouch for their ability to perform well in a wide range of activities. Our horses have danced in parades, strolled along trails, run at quintains, jousted for rings, performed dressage tests, and flown over jumps. We are happy to share our knowledge about Friesians.

Come visit with us at Independence Farm if you're in the area. We usually have several Friesians for sale, but we don't mind a bit if you just want to visit and talk about Friesians. Call or send email for more information, or to make an appointment to visit. Our farm is located in north-eastern Maryland, near the borders with Delaware and Pennsylvania.

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